Friday, April 19, 2013

CC is TWO!!

What a big girl!  We are loving our first born more and more as she becomes more intelligent, charming, funny, and spirited every day.  It's so amazing to watch her learn!

The biggest changes lately have been verbal.  Just a few months ago, she was saying words, but rarely putting more than two together.  Now she will let loose with 6- and 7-word sentences on a regular basis!  "Mommy, put baby down [in the] green chair."  "Daddy drives his car [to] work."  "School buses come [in the] afternoon."

She calls Sweet Pea "Dow" and Little Man "Daw."  Neither sound anything like their real names, but we know what she means.

She has the endearing habit of putting "yes" or "no" at the end of her sentences.  "Eat goldfish [for] snack, yes?"  "Daw not happy, no."  She thinks that "asking nicely" means saying "Yes, please."  So when she wants a bite of what MJ is eating, and we tell her to ask nicely, she turns to him and demands, "Yes, peas!"

Speaking of manners, they are a work in progress.  She has "please" down pretty well at this point.  "Thank you" usually requires a prompt, although occasionally she will surprise me.  The other day I was buckling her into her carseat, and she looked at me and said, "Thank you, Mommy!"  (Daa doo, Mommy)  "You're welcome" is a little harder, but again, she surprises us every once in a while.

She does not say her own name.  If you prompt her to say it, she just looks at you and smiles.  But she says "me," "my," and "I" often.

Physically, she is still pretty rough-and-tumble.  I love it!  It's exhausting keeping her from jumping off the couch and climbing the outside of the staircase, but it's worth it -- I love having a tough, fearless child!  She likes to do somersaults (albeit crookedly) and give me heart attacks the way she creatively "rides" her rocking horse.  

If she hurts herself, instead of asking for me to kiss it better, she will say "Yeg hurt" (or "ahm hurt" or "head hurt," etc.) and then "I bwush off" with accompanying brushing motion to the injured part.  Whenever she falls down or (oddly) sneezes, she yells, "I alright!"

CC loves being a big sister, although she thinks that means making all the decisions about Sweet Pea and Little Man.  She likes to decide what they wear, what toys they play with, what they eat, where I sit when I feed them bottles, etc.  Lately, since they have been sitting up, CC has been pushing them over and yelling "KABOOM!" cheerfully when they fall.

So we're working on appropriate behavior.  She knows what's acceptable, but like all 2-year-olds, she pushes the boundaries.  "Kick Mommy, yes?" she asks, and when I look at her, she smiles and says, "No!"  Then, later, "Hit Daddy, yes?" followed by a quick, "No!"  It's a constant struggle to get her to be gentle with the twins and with Rory (poor, poor Rory!).

She is always, always listening to us.  Never is this more apparent than in her attempts to communicate with Sweet Pea and Little Man.  For the last month or so, we frequently see her run up to one of them while they're fussing, and say "Comma down, Dow!"  And recently, when I'm feeding them and they are distracted, she will yell, "Daw, focus!"

We celebrated tonight as a family, and her big party will be next weekend.  CC is already talking nonstop about how Grandma & Grandpa, Memere and Pepere, and all her friends, will "come in my houf."

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