Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Man's First Haircut

CC was 20 months old when she had her hair cut for the first time.  Little Man is 8 months old.  But hey, MJ and I both like short hair on boys.  And although Little Man is basically bald on the top and sides, he had longer strands over the tops of his ears and at the back of his neck.  Hair like that does not meet military specifications, so it had to go.

But since it was just a trim, and just a tiny bit of hair, MJ felt he could handle cutting it himself.  We'll save the salon cuts for when Little Man has more hair!

We set him up on the kitchen table and MJ went to town with his trimmers.  CC was fascinated.  Little Man put up with it remarkably well, considering he's been pretty fussy these last few days.

In the end, he doesn't look much different at all.  But at least he doesn't have oddly long strands over his ears and neck now!

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