Monday, April 15, 2013

New Foods

The previous week was a hard act to follow, but last week we trudged onward.

Sweet Pea and Little Man tried eggplant, which, shockingly, they both kinda liked.  Little Man more than Sweet Pea, naturally.  (Taken at our favorite pizza place, and not such a flattering picture of me.)

I steamed it and pureed it.  In the process of researching how to cook eggplant for babies, I learned that Baba Ghanoush is actually pureed eggplant.  I didn't even know that Baba Ghanoush was a food.

They also tried asparagus (also steamed and pureed).  Ho hum.  Even Little Man wasn't a huge fan of the stuff.  To be fair, CC still doesn't like asparagus, so maybe I shouldn't expect too much.

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