Saturday, April 6, 2013


A few months ago, we got this:

Such a small, innocuous thing.  But wow, all the implications it brings!

No, we are not potty training yet.  But on the recommendation of her pediatrician and several mom friends, we purchased this seat and have left it in our bathroom, without commenting on it, for CC to explore on her own.  

She knew immediately what it was, and loves to sit on it (fully clothed) and tell us she's peeing.  We just say, "Good job!" and go about our business.

But today, after our shower, a naked CC ran over to the seat, sat down, and a minute later popped back up and told me, "Pee in!"  I went over to look ... and yes, she had peed!  Holy cow!

There was much high-five-ing, cheering, and praise.  We dumped it into the big toilet together, and I let her flush.

Wouldn't it be nice if she just potty trained herself?  Ha ha -- I harbor no such illusions.  And we're not going to start potty training now, either.  But I'm allowing myself a little glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, this might not be as hard as I once thought.

Or am I delusional?

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Mrs. G said...

The same thing happened with us....but now it just sits there with no interest.