Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dancin' in the Streets

Our city holds a street festival every Memorial Day weekend.  Usually we avoid it, not being big fans of crowds or deafening noise, but this year MJ thought CC might like the overstimulation.

We went early, before lunch, and it was perfect -- great weather, not too crowded (yet), no loud musical acts (yet) and plenty of things to keep all three kids entertained.

CC's favorite thing, bar none, was the free ice cream samples.  She ate hers, mine, and MJ's, and asked for more ("Mo eff cremm, peas!").  

My favorite part was this giant inflatable slide I took CC on.  I didn't think they'd let her on, to be honest, because she was too small to climb up herself -- I had to carry her (no small feat, walking up an inflated two-storey staircase with a toddler occupying one of my arms).  MJ and the twins looked tiny from way up at the top!  I thought CC might be scared, but she wasn't -- we went flying down and probably would have done it again if the line wasn't so long.

One of MJ's friends, Brett, joined us.  CC tried to call him "Mister Brett" but it came out "Miss Brett," which never stopped being funny.  And Brett took this nice picture of us demonstrating hands-free parenting with Little Man and Sweet Pea:

All in all, a very nice day!  It's nice that the twins are getting older and can enjoy family outings like this.  

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