Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rory Recovering

Poor Rory.  She went to the vet this morning for a fairly complicated surgery.  She had a large mass on her abdomen, plus a growth inside her mouth, plus a suspicious mole on her chest.  So in a two-hour procedure, she had all of them removed, and a massive number of sutures put in.

She came through with flying colors, and is resting now at home.  She hasn't wanted any water yet, but we'll give her a light dinner tonight.  She'll need pain meds and antibiotics for a few days.

Poor thing!  I cringe every time I see her sutures.  CC knows that Rory is sick, and that we need to be very nice to her because she doesn't feel well.  Hopefully soon I'll be worried more about keeping Rory calm than about her pain level!

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