Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Teeth

One of Little Man's upper canine teeth finally made its appearance Sunday.  I've been expecting it for weeks now, since it's been clearly visible and bulging just under the gumline.  The other one should come through soon too, and his two front teeth look like they aren't far behind (so he shouldn't look like a vampire for too long, fortunately).

He's been pretty fussy lately, and I've been attributing it to these teeth.  CC is fascinated, and every time Little Man cries, she tells me, "Daw dees hurt," and nods knowingly.

CC also has a new tooth, her upper left molar.  I noticed it while brushing her teeth a few nights ago.  She was very excited when I told her about her new tooth, and now she's prone to reminding us every day or so, out of the blue, when we aren't talking or doing anything related to teeth.  The brain of a 2-year-old is a very mysterious thing!  

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