Monday, May 20, 2013

New Foods

Last week Little Man and Sweet Pea tried beef, which they both tolerated.  They didn't devour it, but they didn't spit it out and cry, either.  

I had browned some ground beef for dinner that night, and set aside some for them before I added it to the rest of the recipe.  But after they did well with the plain ground beef that night, they got leftovers of the pasta dish for lunch the next day, and liked it even better.

They also tried edamame (soybeans) while we were all out to dinner over the weekend.  I never have edamame in the house, but we frequently get it as an appetizer when we're out at an Asian restaurant.  It's how CC tried it for the first time, and now the twins, too.  They did pretty well with it; edamame is a great finger food. 

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