Friday, May 17, 2013

Nine Months

Three-quarters of the way done with Little Man and Sweet Pea's first year!  

Nine months is a big one, in my book.  I am starting a lot of new things now that they're nine months old.  For example, I will let them each sleep with a stuffed animal (up until now there has been nothing at all in their cribs except the sheets on their mattresses).  As of this morning, I started transitioning them from bottles to sippy cups.  And lastly, I nursed them for the last time yesterday morning.

Sweet Pea is still leading her twin brother in everything except eating.  Her big milestone this month was learning to get into a sitting position on her own, which she does at least once a day, but always in her crib.  I haven't been able to catch her on the video monitor, so I don't know exactly how she's doing it.  Maybe she's somehow grabbing onto the rails to sit up, and that's why she's never done it on the floor in the family room?

She's also learned how to get back down onto her tummy once she sits up, thankfully, because for a little while there naps were rough.  She'd sit up, and then not be able to lie back down again to go to sleep, and I'd have to keep an eye on her on the video monitor to go upstairs and lay her down.

She's starting to be able to stand up while holding onto something, like the coffee table or my fingers, but she's still a little shaky.  

Sweet Pea is still very small for her age (15.5 pounds at her hematology appointment this week) and wearing a combination of 3-month and 6-month clothing.  Size 3 diapers are still plenty big on her.

She might be starting to try to feed herself.  Just in the last 24 hours she's brought fists full of Cheerios in the general vicinity of her open mouth.  She hasn't succeeded yet, but even an attempt is a huge leap in the right direction.  Woo hoo!

Little Man, on the other hand, excels at eating.  He can feed himself like a champ, and his appetite is impressive.  Usually I give him a set amount of food and stop feeding him when it's done, but today for lunch I decided to keep giving him food until he stopped eating.  It took an hour.  He's messy about it, of course, but that's natural and I know he will improve with practice.

He tries to bear weight on his legs, but he's very wobbly and his knees buckle unexpectedly.  He hasn't been able to get into a sitting position on his own, but he's excellent at flopping down onto his tummy from a sit.  I am expecting his upper canine teeth to pop through the gums any second now; I've been able to see them hovering there for over a week now.

Neither of them are crawling or inchworming yet, but Little Man does what I call the "bootie scootch."  From a sitting position, he wiggles and reaches and squirms and somehow manages to make forward progress.  It's slow, to be sure, but effective.

Little Man is wearing a combination of 9-month and 12-month clothing, and has almost grown out of his size 3 diapers.  I don't know how much he weighs, but I am excited to find out at his 9-month appointment (unfortunately not until the end of the month).

Sweet Pea and Little Man are interacting more and more with each other, which is incredible to see.  When they see each other first thing in the morning and after naps, they are full of smiles and happy squeals.  Earlier this week, they played tug-of-war with a toy and giggled the whole time.

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