Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Foods

I've been slacking on the new foods posts, so I have a bunch to catch you up on.

Last week Sweet Pea and Little Man tried raspberries:

Which they both liked, naturally.  Fruits are almost always a big hit.  I broke each berry into smaller pieces, which was messy for them to eat, but they loved it.

They also tried potatoes, which neither really loved (despite Little Man's hugely open maw):  

I agree; potatoes are kind of blah.  These particular potatoes were mashed, but without a ton of flavoring (just milk and butter -- I skipped the salt).

This week they tried turkey:

Which they both liked just fine.  Note: this is the first ever picture of Sweet Pea trying to feed herself.

Squash, on the other hand, was a huge flop.  Neither Sweet Pea nor Little Man cared for squash, even over the next few days when I offered it to them again and again.  It was steamed and cut into little pieces, and they were having none of it.

And just this evening they had ham for the first time, which was another hit.

Whew!  That's a lot of food.  But at least I'm caught up.  And I am loving that at this point, Sweet Pea and Little Man can basically eat everything we eat -- there isn't much they haven't tried by now.  It's nice not having to pack little containers of baby food when we leave the house!

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