Monday, June 24, 2013

New Teeth: Girl Version!

Finally ... Sweet Pea sprouted some new teeth!  She'd been very fussy these last few days, including a middle-of-the-night screaming session where no amount of holding or rocking or singing would help.  I assumed it must be due to teething, and sure enough, last night I finally felt two sharp little edges poking through her top gums!

You can't really see them (I can't even really see them, even though I can feel them!) but they're there for sure.  Whew.  Hopefully we'll get a little reprieve from the screaming now.

So no picture yet.  I tried to take one earlier today, but even with extreme close-up, they were still virtually invisible.  It's interesting, because with her bottom two teeth, and with all CC and Little Man's teeth, they were obvious white specs once they broke through the gums.  But not these, for some reason -- I can only feel them, not see them.  Maybe in a few more days.

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