Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outside Fun

It's THE BIG ONE!!  We've been waiting for this one for ages, it seems!

Phase III of my Summer Sanity Plan: the family swingset.  Hopefully it will provide thousands of hours of fun for all three kids for a long time in the future!  We deliberately got a swingset that is intended for older children, so the kids will have plenty of challenging physical fun for years to come.

(True to form, CC is demanding "again!" and "faster!" while Sweet Pea is just happy to be there, and Little Man is desperately trying to eat the swing.)

When you see CC going down the slide in this video, it is her very first time.  No fear!  And after that first time, she wouldn't even hold my hand anymore.

The swingset is made by a company called Backyard Adventures.  Four men working for five hours in our yard provided plenty of entertainment for an awestruck 2-year-old, who was alternately glued to the back windows and staring from our deck. ("Workers build me wingdet!")

A last-minute addition to the set was the "gangplank" (ramp) that I thought would make it easier for CC to get to the top.  Thank goodness we added it; the platform is 6 feet high and the ramp is already challenging enough for CC!  If a ladder was the only way for her to get up there, I'm fairly certain MJ and I would have to carry her up each time.

Even Little Man and Sweet Pea are enjoying it already; we ordered infant seats for them, and had the installers hang them high, to make it easier for MJ and I to push.  I love that all three seats are together, so I can push all the kids at once.

Other features of the set: a rock-climbing wall on the far left side (okay, it might not get a lot of use for another year or so) and a picnic table underneath (coming next week), where I envision plenty of lunches and even family dinners.

CC is asking to go outside and swing/slide ("weeeeee!") roughly every 5 minutes.  I have to limit it, though, because the swings and the slide get blazing hot in the sun.  But so far, even just morning and evening play has been thrilling.

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