Saturday, June 29, 2013

Self Feeding

HALLELUJAH!!  Sweet Pea has finally, finally started feeding herself!  I've been doing a little jig of happiness at every meal, as she gets better and better at putting food into her mouth.  

Sweet Pea feeding herself some cantaloupe at breakfast this morning.

Whew!  I was starting to think she'd be the only kindergartener who would need her mommy to come to school and hand-feed her lunch every day.  But in less than a week, she's gone from not feeding herself at all, to almost eating an entire meal on her own.

She's definitely messy when food and drink are concerned.  ("Our most disgusting eater" says MJ.)  Milk pours down her chin; macaroni and cheese ends up in her hair, and crumbs somehow work their way inside her clothes.  But I don't mind -- she's feeding herself!

Maybe I should include music with this blog post?  Like Handel's Messiah?

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