Monday, July 1, 2013

New Foods

Another fruity week for the Morrison twins.  This time it was oranges:

... which Little Man (despite his big smile here) did not like.  I thought maybe it was just because it was his first taste of citrus, but I offered oranges again several more times over a few days, and each time he refused them.  Sweet Pea, of course (such a dear!), ate them all with a big smile on her face.

They were mandarin slices, the kind you can buy in a fruit cup.  I know, I know -- I'd much prefer fresh oranges, but they're just a bit too sinewy and stringy for these wee babes.

They also tried grapes, which were more of an all-around hit.  

Sweet Pea especially enjoying mashing them with her fingers before eating them, so it was a bit messy.  But Little Man liked them too.  I just cut them into little pieces and let the babies have at it.

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