Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Foods

MJ and I took the kids to a new tex-mex restaurant the other day for dinner, and when the waitress brought us a heaping pile of hot corn chips, it hit me -- Sweet Pea and Little Man haven't had corn yet!  We had to fix that.

Corn is super sweet, and conveniently comes in bite-sized pieces, so it was easy to steam and serve.  And they loved it!  Even CC wanted seconds.

Then, last week we were at my parents' house while MJ was out of town, and the twins tried blueberries.  I just put the berries on their trays, whole, and watched like a hawk to make sure no one choked.

No one choked.  But Little Man refused to eat them.  He is really starting to be a picky little eater, at least as far as fruits go.  Maybe he's like MJ, and doesn't have a sweet tooth?  Little Man tried one blueberry, spit it out, and refused to try any more.  I've offered blueberries several times since, and he is not buying it.  (But Sweet Pea likes them just fine.)

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