Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I have a secret.

I've wanted to put it on the blog for a really, really long time, but every time I consider putting it in writing, I think I'll jinx myself.

But I can't keep it in anymore.  It's just too incredible, too amazing, too unbelievable to keep to myself.  I must share it with the world!!

So (deep breath), here it goes:  Little Man has never peed on me.  

I know!!!  

How is this possible?!  When I became the mother of a baby boy, I thought for sure that getting peed on would become normal.  Routine.  Nothing to even roll my eyes about.  

I considered buying "Pee Pee Tee Pees" or draping washcloths over his boy bits during changes.  I wondered how many times I'd sponge off the walls surrounding the changing table.  I laughed thinking about ducking for cover.

Nope!  Not once!  And it's not just me -- MJ has never been christened, either.  I like to think that Little Man is a refined sort of gentleman who would never even consider something so uncouth.  But in reality, I think I'm just lucky.  Really, really lucky.

And now that I've mentioned it in public, I will surely get a full squirt in the face at his next diaper change.

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