Monday, December 22, 2014

Alien Invasion

MJ came home from the grocery store with live lobsters on Saturday. While he prepped the meal, we put the lobsters on the floor for the kids to examine.

At first, Little Man was the only one who would go anywhere near them:

CC was content to just photograph the whole encounter. I wonder where she gets that?

Sweet Pea stayed in another room entirely, until curiosity finally got the best of her:

I was shocked when she finally reached down to pat one of them! 

(Bonus points if you noticed that Sweet Pea's foot gear changed between pictures.)

Later, all three kids participated in a lively game of "Lobster." It involved squirming around the floor on their tummies, and "pinching" our legs when they got close enough. There was lots of hysterical giggling.

MJ cooked up quite a feast that night! Crabmeat-stuffed lobsters, with crabcakes made from the extra meat. (We shared with the kids, but they weren't too impressed.)

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