Monday, December 8, 2014

Tree Decorating

This weekend we decorated our tree -- which was the last bit of decorating we had to do -- so our house is ready for the holidays! 

Sweet Pea and Little Man surprised me at how well they could actually "hang" ornaments. They have no recollection of last Christmas (even CC barely remembers), but they needed no instructions at all:

Daddy helped them reach some of the higher branches (where the breakable ornaments are hung):

After the ornaments were on, we turned on the lights and added the pièce de résistance:

(CC helped put the star on the tree last year, so Sweet Pea did it this year -- despite CC's full-scale meltdown -- and Little Man will do it next year.)

Next year I've resolved to get everything decorated in the first week of December, so we have even more time to feel festive and excited about Christmas.

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