Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures on a Train

This past weekend was Hayden's 2nd birthday party, take two. MJ thought it'd be fun for him to take CC on the train to get there, while I drove with Sweet Pea and Little Man. So on Saturday morning, we got all packed up and I dropped them off at the train station. CC was beside herself with excitement!

Three hours later, Sweet Pea and Little Man and I picked them up on the other end. The timing was pretty perfect -- we arrived at the same time the train did, because we'd stopped for lunch -- and everyone was happy.

MJ took pictures to document the trip:

Very excited to have boarded!

Eating lunch while watching the world whizz by.

MJ packed lots of activities for the ride!

Next time, it will be Little Man's turn, although who knows when that will be? As for Hayden's birthday party -- it was fabulous, and there will be pictures coming soon!

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