Saturday, January 31, 2015


I know, I know. I've been MIA this week. But here's the thing: when it rains, it pours. Here's a brief description of my week:

- I've been swamped with work around the house lately, because we're starting a massive home renovation project on Monday. In two days, trucks, dumpsters, and construction workers with power tools of all shapes and sizes will converge on our house to begin the demo phase. For the next few months there will be constant mess, noise, dust, and inconvenience around these parts (not to mention intermittent electricity and plumbing). I'd been planning a big fancy announcement on the blog, but, well ... here you go. Ta da!

So that means I need to empty out all the furniture and STUFF that's upstairs in the affected parts of the house, including our storage areas. It's been a huge task just to clear out that space. But ...

- The semi-annual consignment sale in which I participate is also this week. By Thursday, every item I plan to sell must be entered into the database, tagged, hung, and prepped for sale. WHY OH WHY did these two major events have to be the same week!? My almost-400 items have been logged, but I haven't even begun ironing all the clothes and putting them on hangars, tagging items, etc. But wait, it gets even better ...

- I began feeling ill on Tuesday night and assumed it was just a cold. By Wednesday afternoon I'd upgraded my self-diagnosis to "bad cold." But when I was still utterly miserable by Friday morning, with chills, aches, a migraine and what can only be described as the worst sore throat of my life, I finally went to see my doctor and discovered -- SURPRISE! -- I have strep. The doctor promptly gave me two very painful antibiotic shots in the butt, sent me home with some incredibly foul-tasting lidocaine to numb my throat, and gave me strict orders to rest this weekend. Rest?! Are you kidding me? I should send her the link to this blog post.

But hey, I lost five pounds this week, since I can't eat or drink anything.

If you've made it this far through my litany of complaints, thank you, and I'm sorry. I have lots of cute videos and pictures and stories to share with you, once I can catch my breath and regain a little sanity. Maybe sometime in 2023?

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