Sunday, February 15, 2015

Music Man

Little Man has had a minor obsession with guitars for the last year or so. So when we were visiting some friends recently, he was excited to find this "real" guitar in their playroom. Their mom offered to let us borrow the guitar for a while, since her kids don't play with it much. 

Ever since, Little Man is rarely without it. Unfortunately, it's not a cordial relationship. He has frequent meltdowns, asking me to "turn it on." He bangs it against walls and even tries to stand on it (which results in the guitar being put away). 

But occasionally he'll sit down nicely and strum it for a while. I taught him how to hold it properly (the extent of my guitar knowledge), and he's proud of that skill now.

Little Man has always been very musical. I wonder if we'll look back to this picture when he's older, and say, "Ah, that's where it began!"

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