Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Weekend Away

Weekend away from what, you ask? Well, the kids had a weekend away from us. Which means MJ and I had a weekend away from kids.

My parents were nice enough to take the kids for a few days last weekend, so MJ and I could have an adults-only weekend. We couldn't really head out of town, because the big consignment sale I participate in was happening the same weekend, so we decided to have a stay-cation here in town.

So for the first time in over 5 years, MJ and I were in our own house with no kids. What?! It was a strange feeling, waking up in the morning and knowing I wasn't going to hear a trio of voices yelling, "MOMMY, MY CLOCK IS GREEN!" at exactly 7 am. 

It was not a restful weekend, not in the sense of sleeping in and lazing around the house all day. But it was a wonderful weekend. MJ and I did all the things we used to do around town before we had kids. That is to say: we did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to. Brilliant!

We went out for three meals a day. We saw a movie in the middle of the afternoon (Jason Bourne -- it was decent, but a bit frenetic). We went for a surprisingly strenuous hike at a nearby state park we'd never visited. Went bowling. Got together with some friends to watch the Olympics. Attended 5 pm Mass. Went to a baseball game and stayed the whole time.

The kids had a ball, too -- mostly involving water. Memere and Pepere set up a large inflatable pool on their deck, and also took the kids to their club's pool. There was also an outing to a local creamery for ice cream, and my parents reported that the kids were angels at Mass. Naturally!

We were happy to see the kids again on Sunday, I swear.

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