Monday, December 26, 2016

Art Museum

Over the weekend a local art museum was offering free admission, so we decided to take the kids. I was surprised at how much fun we had! They had a lot of activities set up for children, starting with a "make your own keychain" project in the lobby.

I was impressed with Sweet Pea's. I told her it looked almost like plaid.

We also played Bingo, with cards that had pictures of different pieces of art from the museum. We went gallery by gallery, looking to see if any of the artwork was on our cards, and crossing them off one by one. 

Then there was a Model Magic area, where kids could create whatever they wanted. Everyone had fun mashing it around.

MJ made this cute little thing. The kids guessed that it was a dog. But it was actually a bus.

Our three had a great time, and were only shushed by a docent once. Success!

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