Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ballet Observation

One of the things I look forward to every February is CC's dance school's Parent Observation Week. All the parents get to sit inside the dance studio to watch up close what the girls are learning. And the teacher explains to the parents what the kids are doing, and why. I always make sure that Sweet Pea and Little Man are not with me, so I can focus on what's going on. In this case, they were home with MJ.

Typically for a 5-year-old, she was equal parts focused, silly, distracted and excited. But I was proud of how well she's doing, and how much she is dedicated to ballet. She still wants to do ballet camp again this summer, and take a more serious, technique-oriented class next year.

Direct link to the video:


Anne said...

Has she been in The Nutcracker yet?

Morrisons said...

No, her studio does a different Christmas show, and it's only for the bigger girls.