Thursday, February 16, 2017

Painting Project

For Valentine's Day, my parents sent the kids three little painting projects: a heart-shaped treasure box, a race car, and a monster truck. They didn't specify which child should get which one, but it was very obvious to the kids as soon as they opened the box: CC grabbed the heart; Little Man grabbed the monster truck, and Sweet Pea (naturally) grabbed the race car. The girl loves her cars!

So for an hour or so last weekend, they were engrossed in their painting. Notice how two of the three are sticking out their tongues, haha! And that nothing can stop Little Man from sucking on his fingers, even when he's painting.

I love it when they're busy and focused on a project like this. They're so proud of the final products! (And when you have two sisters, even monster trucks have sparkly flowers.)

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