Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CC's 6-year Checkups

What's better at a doctor appointment than some moral support from your team?

There was a little surprise at CC's annual pediatrics exam last week: she's shrinking. Okay, she's not actually shrinking. But relative to her age, she is! For the last few years, she's hovered around 11th percentile in height, the shortest in her class. But this year, she measured 3'6", which is in the 6th percentile. Tiny thing! Her weight (36 pounds) is also in the 6th percentile. That was a little surprising, too, since she's usually around the 25th percentile.

It's nothing her pediatrician is worried about. She's just petite, and she'll probably stay that way until adolescence. And then, who knows? She could end up being the tallest kid in high school (although unlikely, considering her genes).

Interesting note: CC is now proportionately shorter than Sweet Pea. Shocking! But Sweet Pea was in the 32nd percentile for height at her last checkup. Weight, of course, is another story ...

CC also had her annual ophthalmology appointment in April. I was happy to hear that her astigmatism shows no signs of returning, and her eyesight does not require glasses. Thank goodness modern medicine can catch things early and fix them before they turn into long-term problems! If CC's astigmatism had not been corrected by glasses at age 3, she would likely need glasses permanently at this point.

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Anne said...

If my memory serves, kids hit a growth spurt around 6. CC is probably just a little slower than other kids her age to hit that spurt!