Sunday, April 30, 2017

Outing with Memere

For CC's birthday, my mom wanted to take her on a special outing. It's been a year since CC had her ears pierced, so we thought it'd be fun if my mom took her out shopping for some new earrings. I knew CC would love to be able to change her earrings on a whim.

They went to the mall and shopped at three different stores. Then back to store #1. And finally CC made her decision: a set of three pairs of earrings. One is little pearls, one is little gold bows (adorable!), and the last set is too big for her ears, "So you can have them, Mommy." Bonus!

Afterwards they went to a ladies' lunch, just the two of them, and then it was time for my mom to bring CC to school. (Because when we planned this whole outing, I mis-read the school calendar and thought CC had the day off. But she didn't -- and I didn't realize until that morning. So CC had an unexcused half-day absence that day, which resulted in a nasty note from the school. Did anyone think that I had my act together as a mom? Even MJ's response was, "Smooth.")

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