Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day

What a great weekend! We stretched it into a 3-day celebration, which was fine with everyone involved. It all started Friday, when MJ suggested we take the kids to a movie theater for the first time. We saw Cars 3, and it was a hit! The kids have been talking about Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm ever since. And how much they love movie theater popcorn.

Saturday morning we went for a hike in a nature preserve. It was especially nice for me to be hiking with my family on Fathers Day weekend, thinking about my own dad, hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire somewhere. Of course his hiking would have been considerably less comfortable. And much longer.

Today was great too. Special thanks to the kids for sleeping in this morning and behaving very well at Mass. Afterwards we showered him with gifts. The kids gave him five Terminator water guns, for many future family water fights. And my gift to him, to the giggles of the kids, was about 12 pairs of aviator sunglasses (since he constantly loses his).

Then we headed out to a baseball game. For fathers day, our local minor league team lets dads play catch with their kids on the field before the game. What a cool experience!

Happy fathers day, MJ! We love you, and it was wonderful doing so many special things with you this weekend! 

Special fathers day blessings and love to Grandpa and Pepere, too!

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