Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lego Creator

Little Man has become interested (okay, obsessed) with a few things this year. Until recently, he didn't really have any toys he couldn't live without, or characters he strongly identified with. But then he discovered Star Wars, and my previously uninterested little boy fell hook, line and sinker. At this point his knowledge of Star Wars vastly surpasses mine, so I just take his four-year-old word for it. The Ewoks live on the moon of Endor? Sure, I suppose. Darth Vader was born on Tatooine? Whatever you say.

And now his interest has spread to Legos. This, I love. Not that I'm against his Star Wars obsession; it's fine, and I'm glad he found something he's passionate about. But Legos inspire him to create, and they even develop his fine motor skills. Awesome! We've encouraged it by providing him some Star Wars Lego figures, and now most of Little Man's spare time is spent building vehicles for them.

In the last month, his Lego-building abilities have dramatically improved. His free-built creations used to be just an amalgam of attached pieces with a figure sitting on top. But now, wow! They're complex; every piece has a purpose (which he will happily tell you all about); they're symmetrical ... I can't get over it. What a leap for Little Man! I'm really proud of him.

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