Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Little Runner

We frequently take the kids to a middle school nearby, to ride their bikes and scooters around the track. It's a large track, slightly longer than the typical quarter-mile track, and it takes the kids a fair amount of time and effort to ride around the whole thing.

Over the weekend we were there, MJ and I playing catch while the kids rode around, traded bikes, and rode around some more. I asked them if they thought they could run around the whole track without stopping. Of course they all took off as fast as they could, determined to do it.

I was impressed that they all actually did it. CC and Little Man were flagging pretty badly by the time they came back around, but they finished. But Sweet Pea -- wow, she's something else! Not only was she well ahead of her (much larger) siblings the whole time, but after she finished one lap, she did another, and another ...

I was amazed. She ran five laps in a row! That's almost a mile and a half -- incredible for a for a four-year-old! She even challenged MJ to catch her on the last lap, and sprinted away as he ran after her. They finished the fifth lap together, and she didn't seem tired at all. Maybe she'll be a runner like MJ?

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