Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Own Water Slide

Karen and Patrick recently bought their boys an inflatable water slide, and when I saw a video of how much fun Braxton and Bryson were having with it, I knew we had to have one for our trio! (The smaller size was the most desirable feature, after Little Man and Sweet Pea's less-than-positive experience with a giant inflatable water slide at their end-of-school party a few weeks ago.)

We set it up and invited our friend Mia over for some watery fun. And yes, it was just as fun as it looked!

Yes, the girls were full-out jumping from the top of it. Sweet Pea went down face-first. Even Little Man temporarily forgot how much he hates being splashed or sprayed. This slide will get a lot of use this summer, that's for sure. It might even play a starring role at a certain birthday party in August!

Direct link to the video:


Anne said...
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Morrisons said...

Whoops, Anne, I accidentally deleted your comment! We got it from Academy Sports, and it comes with an inflator fan, so you just plug it in and it inflates in about 30 seconds.