Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Camp Week!

Oh, the most wonderful week of the summer ... when the kids are all at camp! Ha! Just kidding. Kind of.

The kids are immersed in ballet (CC) and gymnastics (Little Man and Sweet Pea). On Day 1, CC and Sweet Pea decided to have matching mini buns. CC: because she wanted to look like Princess Leia. Sweet Pea: because when she's tumbling, she doesn't want anything in the middle of her head.

Since the two camps are on two opposite sides of the city, but start and end at the same times, CC is carpooling with our friend Mia. And she's riding in a booster seat!! Man, is she happy! She's sitting up straight, not slouching or leaning, buckling herself in, and lobbying hard for a booster seat in our car. I told her not to get used to it.

Little Man came home from Day 1 with a monster blister on the ball of his foot. It must have been from running around so hard on those mats all morning. So on Day 2 the counselors wrapped his foot in "grown-up" athletic tape, and he's been happy as a clam.

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