Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Swim Lessons

This summer, we signed the kids up for two weeks of daily, one-on-one swim lessons. And afterwards, we were really impressed with how much they'd improved.

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All three kids came a long way, but I am most impressed with Sweet Pea. She was very timid around the water, very dependent on her floatie, and never even wanted to get her face wet. Now she's like a little dolphin! She can't swim as well as CC, but she is definitely our most improved swimmer.

CC's goal was to pass the introductory swim test at the Y and earn her yellow band. Fortunately, her swim teacher used to be a lifeguard at the Y, so she knew exactly what to work on with CC. Sure enough, CC passed the test on her first try!

And as much as they learned during their lessons, I've been even happier with how much they've progressed since. The lessons gave them a very solid foundation, because now, whenever we go swimming somewhere, the kids want to try new things in the water and show me what they can do. I love it! But it definitely makes me a little more nervous, having three eager swimmers to keep an eye on.

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