Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

What a fun day! We hosted a group of friends and family over at the house, and afterwards we were tired but happy. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Simply hang out with loved ones, relax, eat and drink! What's not to love?

We started a new Morrison family tradition: a hot dog eating contest. This first year was just for the kids, although I'm not ruling out adults joining in sometime in the future. CC and Little Man were full of big talk: CC kept saying she'd win, and Little Man claimed he'd eat 10 hot dogs. Sweet Pea didn't want to participate, because she felt she wouldn't be a contender. (She doesn't know her own strength -- on any given day, she eats more than the other two, despite her size.)

But when the time came, all three kids stepped up to the table. Ten minutes later, we had a winner: Little Man, with a grand total of 1.5 hot dogs. Embarrassing, really. He eats more than that at a regular meal, complete with side dishes and dessert! Thirty minutes afterwards, he claimed to be hungry, and wolfed down a full cheeseburger with chips. Clearly, we need to work on his competitive edge.

Later we were joined by Memere, Uncle Jon, Aunt Karen, Braxton, Bryson, and several friends. What fun! The kids had a blast on the water slide, eating watermelon, and then playing "School" for quite a while. CC was the teacher and told everyone where to sit, what to do, what their homework was, and how long they had to stay in her room. The biggest surprise was that all the kids actually obeyed her, and had fun doing it!

Before bed, we burned some sparklers that Memere bought. I was hoping that another year would have made the kids a little less scared of sparklers, but alas, these sparklers included surprise "popping" sparks halfway through, which was enough to send the kids running for the hills. Sweet Pea finally gave it a shot (as long as I held it until the popping was over), and eventually CC did too. Little Man watched the action from behind a large bush.

Happy Independence Day!

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