Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kool Aid Dye

One morning last week, we were up to our ears in Kool Aid. Literally.

I decided to try dip-dyeing the girls' hair with Kool Aid. CC has been begging me for almost a year, and when I finally relented, Sweet Pea jumped on the bandwagon. She picked red (cherry) and CC picked purple (grape).

I made them strip naked, because I knew it would stain any clothes it spilled on. The setup we used was just about as sturdy as it looks. And in case you're wondering, Kool Aid can dye skin as well as hair. Sweet Pea will be looking like a crime scene victim for the foreseeable future.

After sitting there for 30 minutes, we blow-dried their hair and voila! I was amazed at how bright Sweet Pea's red color was. CC was disappointed at how subtle her purple was.

But fast-forward two days (and four swimming pools, and two showers) ... the roles have reversed. CC's purple has brightened and turned more pinkish, while Sweet Pea's is almost completely faded.

It was a fun, cute, temporary project! I'd definitely be willing to do it again. The girls have been showing off their hair to everyone; they're so thrilled.

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