Sunday, December 17, 2017

Preschool Christmas Program

Wednesday was Little Man and Sweet Pea's preschool Christmas program. I was a little wistful, knowing that it was our family's last one after 4 years at the school. But they both did great, and it was adorable. The TK class always dresses up as the figures in the nativity, and since CC was never in TK, Sweet Pea and Little Man were quite proud of their roles as an angel and a cow, respectively.

"If you see someone in black with big white spots, that's me!" Little Man kept telling us. "I'm a cow!"

They sang their hearts out, smiled the whole time, and waved like crazy. I was happy to get a few decent pictures before the 4-year-olds came in and stood in front of them, because that's the last we saw of Sweet Pea. In the last song, you can just barely see her sparkly halo popping up.

Direct Link to video:

Sweet Pea was standing next to Linda's daughter, Mia, and it was cute to see them being silly and waving at us together.

Afterwards, the parents were invited back to the classroom for a little party, where we received these gifts the kids made for us: portraits of our families. I was not surprised at all that Little Man's drawing has light sabers (but no explanation for why Daddy's hair is so long). We were touched to see that they both included Rory in their pictures, even though she's been gone for 9 months now.

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