Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Update

A lot has been going on in our little world lately.  Besides the coming baby, I mean!  Where to start?

In just a few minutes, MJ and I are leaving for the airport, where we will fly to DisneyWorld!  It's his parents' 40th anniversary, and the entire family is making the trip to celebrate with them and spend some time together.  We can't wait to see everyone, especially our two little nieces.  MJ has done a lot of research on which rides are safe for pregnant women to ride (not many), and therefore we have a lot of atypical activities planned for the week.

I know I said previously that I was starting to relax more now that I've made it this far into my pregnancy.  But that doesn't mean I'm actually relaxed.  In fact, now that I'm seeing a regular OB/GYN just once each month, it's much harder for me to convince myself that the baby is doing well in between appointments, especially since I still don't have any symptoms.  With the encouragement of my doctor, I think I will rent a doppler heartbeat monitor.  They are simple to use, inexpensive to rent, and will let me hear the baby's heartbeat the weeks between appointments, to reassure myself that things are still going well.

Against my better judgement, I actually ordered some maternity clothes.  Not that I need any yet -- my old clothes are still fitting the same as they always have -- but I will need them eventually, right?  Old Navy was having a huge 30%-off-plus-free-shipping sale that my sister-in-law (herself pregnant) highly recommended I take advantage of.  Despite my trepidations, I decided she was right and I ordered a few basics (jeans, sweaters, a long-sleeved dress), keeping in mind that by the time I need these clothes, we will be in the midst of the cold weather.

The clothes arrived Monday, but I haven't opened them yet.  The box is still sitting on my kitchen table because I am reluctant to open it.  I suppose I'm worried that I will jinx this pregnancy by counting my eggs before they're hatched, so to speak.  This is the first purchase I've made that acknowledges my pregnancy.  But at some point I will have to start planning ahead; I can't drag my feet until the baby is born to get the nursery ready and purchase the myriad things that babies require.  Soon I will have to jump this metal hurdle I have erected and start making some long-term plans.  But not yet.  :)

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