Monday, July 18, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

The appointment wasn't for CC; it was for me.  And being a full-time mom, I didn't think twice about lugging CC to the clinic with me.  (You're already laughing, aren't you?)

I had timed everything so that she should have slept the entire appointment, snug in her carseat.  But CC had other ideas.  No sooner had the dental assistant begun my cleaning when CC made her presence known -- loudly.  Staff members and dentists from the other side of the building came over, wondering, I'm sure, who the genius was who'd brought a baby to a dental appointment!

After unsuccessful attempts to quiet CC by moving her stroller to the window, and then moving it right next to me, and then trying to rock her back and forth with my foot, and then trying to get her to accept the pacifier, I gave up and took her out of the carseat.  I spent the rest of the appointment standing her up on my stomach while I lay flat in the exam chair.  So now my teeth are clean, but my arms are aching and my shirt is covered in spit-up.

So today, in the epic battle of mommy versus baby, baby won.

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Mrs. G said...

I just nursed Eliza during my cleaning. As the dentist said, " I can do with you feeding her, but I can't do with her crying"