Thursday, October 20, 2011

6-Month Appointment

Happy news -- I think we've found CC's doctor!  We've been seeing a different doctor for each of her appointments, searching for the right one, and we both really liked the woman we saw today.  She was calm but friendly, helpful and enthusiastic, supportive and knowledgeable.  The perfect combination!

CC was enamored with the paper on the exam table

Of course it didn't hurt that she thought CC was fabulous.  She was very impressed with CC's alertness, engaging personality, ability to sit up, and leg strength.  After our lengthy appointment, she didn't have any concerns at all, and also gave me the green light for a few things I didn't know CC was ready for.

CC weighs 15 pounds, 5.5 ounces, which places her in the 40th percentile.  No worries there.  But surprisingly, her length is 25 and three-quarter inches, which is 60th percentile!  Who would have known our little chunker was actually tall for her age?  Ha ha!

The doctor had some recommendations for us.  First, we should start feeding solids with at least three of CC's four meals each day.  Currently she's getting oatmeal in the mornings and vegetables at night, but she needs to be getting oatmeal and veggies each twice a day. 

Second, there is no such thing as feeding a baby too much at CC's age.  This was a concern of mine, because CC eats like there's no tomorrow and I was worried I was giving her too much.  The doctor said to let CC decide when she's done eating -- that will teach her food cues and how to regulate her own intake.

Third, we can start giving letting CC try to feed herself.  We should put soft chunks of food in front of her, and let her explore.  I didn't think CC was old enough to try that, but the doctor highly recommended it.  I think we'll try that with avocado next week, when we get into green vegetables.

Fourth, we can give CC things like Cheerios.  I'm a little worried about something so small and hard, but the doctor said babies CC's age don't immediately swallow things that are put into their mouths -- they gum them and feel them in their mouths for a while, and Cheerios dissolve pretty quickly.  I guess we'll give it a shot one of these days (although I will be hovering over her just in case!).

Lastly, we need to read to her more often.  I usually read a few books to her each afternoon, but apparently this age is when she can really benefit a lot from being read to, so we'll take it up a notch.  I think we'll make it part of her bedtime routine.

CC did receive the last series of her three vaccinations, but she did not get the flu vaccine.  She's old enough to get it (just barely), but since flu season doesn't get bad until January or so, CC can wait until her 9-month appointment to get it.

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