Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Six Months

Holy cow -- CC is six months today!  Time for me to break out all the camera gear and take some "official" photos:

 - The biggest milestones this month are sitting up unsupported, and starting to "scootch" around.  Also, her constant babbling is new, most often "baa baa baa" (or, conversely, "aab aab aab"). 

- She makes a high-pitched squeal when she's in a good mood.  We usually hear it in the car, when she is happily playing with a soft toy in the back seat.  (She usually screams her head off when she's in the car, but occasionally she plays nicely.)

- She still sucks her thumb, but only when she's tired.  I'm so glad to have figured this out, because it's an obvious sign when she needs to go to bed.

- She loves to stand up in our laps, facing us, and grab at our noses or lips.  She's also a huge fan of necklaces and can entertain herself for long stretches while standing in my lap yanking on mine.  (This got us through Mass last week!)

- Her reach is improving, and she often reaches for and holds things with both hands.  But she hasn't really started transferring things from one hand to the other yet.

- We're pretty sure she's right-handed.  MJ and I are both right-handed, so it's not too surprising.  CC seems to always reach for things with her right hand first, so I suspect it's her dominant side.

- No more teeth yet, so she still looks a bit like a jack o'lantern (how appropriate!) with just two bottom teeth. 

- Her hair has lightened considerably, but hasn't grown any more.  I was recently looking through her newborn and first month pictures, and I was struck by how dark her hair was (what little of it there was!).  I hadn't realized how much her hair had lightened until I saw those pictures.  Also, her bald spot is much less noticeable, probably due to both her hair lightening and filling in a little more now that she prefers to be on her tummy most of the time.

Her six-month appointment is tomorrow, so I'll report back with the latest stats and info.


B-Mama said...

Oh, to have a momma with great photography skills and equipment. CC, you are set for life! :) Can we adopt your mommy?

Morrisons said...

B-Mama, you can have me anytime you want! LOL -- the next time I'm in your neck of the woods, I'll take some portraits of your beautiful babes.