Monday, November 24, 2014

Budding Photographers

MJ and I bought CC a toddler's digital camera for her birthday last spring. She loves it and "practices" taking pictures frequently.

(Little Man and Sweet Pea love it too, but mostly because it makes fun sounds when you press the buttons.)

I finally got around to looking through the pictures the kids have taken, and there were some nice surprises! Yes, most of the shots were too blurry to decipher, or close-ups of our carpet, but I also found these:

A nice moment between CC and Little Man

A selfie with our sitter, Julie

A nice smile from Grandpa

Little Man looking guilty about something

A not-too-blurry shot of Sweet Pea

The camera we gave CC is the Playskool Show Cam, and it's pretty fun to use. In addition to regular pictures, there's a "silly" button which allows CC to add funny graphics to any picture. And with the flip of a switch, the camera turns into a projector, so CC can shine any of her pictures up on a wall.

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