Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

Well, more precisely, an ice day. We got a light dusting of snow last night, and then about a half-inch of ice on top of it. So this morning everything was very hard and slick. But that didn't dampen the kids' excitement one bit. And since this might be the only frozen white stuff they see this year, I made sure to take pictures.

Making snow angels was impossible, but the kids enjoyed picking icicles off Daddy's car instead:

CC was a vision in navy blue. (For the record, I think our neighbors who put their trash and recycling bins out were unrealistically optimistic. Our city is completely shut down.)

Little Man was not in a very good mood. (Then again, lately he's rarely in a good mood.) He refused to wear his mittens; he didn't like the cold; he was angry that I insisted he wear a hat; he wanted to stay out longer; he had a tantrum when we told him we were going inside. What can I say? He's a conflicted little boy right now.

Sweet Pea was generally happy to be sliding around on the ice, except when she wiped out hard on her rear end. Then we got this face:

After CC and MJ headed for home, I tried to get a decent picture of the twins. Little Man's mood wasn't helping things. This was the best one:

This was the most accurate one:

When we got home, the kids helped me make and drink some hot chocolate, which made everyone feel better. Then we settled in to watch -- what else? -- Frozen.

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