Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Poor Rory

It began as a mildly humorous stunt: Rory ate (yet another) batch of cupcakes. The old gal's still got it! It wasn't until she started vomiting -- and I could see large shards of wood in it -- that I realized she'd also eaten the long wooden skewers that held decorative flags in the cupcakes. And then I really started worrying.

With all that's wrong in the world, it seems silly to ask for prayers for a dog. But she's a big part of our lives, and already very old. I am incredibly worried about her. We thought she was getting better after a few days, and now she's worse again. I'm concerned that one of the sharp pieces of wood punctured part of her esophagus, or stomach, or intestines. Tomorrow I'll call the vet, but I'm not optimistic that they'll be able to do anything -- wood wouldn't show up on an xray, as far as I know.

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