Tuesday, April 18, 2017


While at Folley Beach, we took a day trip into Charleston. The kids were having a ball even before we parked the car -- they loved the iconic bridge and seeing all the horse-drawn carriages.

We started at the aquarium, which looked awfully familiar. I realized that MJ and I had visited when we came to Charleston years ago. 

Our favorite exhibit was probably the touch tank. Although I was pretty impressed by the injured bald eagle the aquarium is caring for -- I've never been so close to one! We saw divers feed the fish in the large main tank, admired the cool Lego displays throughout, and tried to decide if the albino alligator was fake or just being really still (he was being really still).

After lunch we took a carriage tour. The kids were fascinated by Barry, the horse, but Little Man was the only one brave enough to pet him.

We walked up and down the City Market, picked up a bow tie for Little Man to wear for Easter, and treated ourselves at a chocolatier. (Sweet Pea spent a lot of time making her decision, and ultimately picked a "Party Time" truffle, which was chocolate and caramel. Afterwards I asked her why she only wanted one bite. She answered, "I don't really like caramel. Or chocolate.")

I had hoped that we could have a picnic lunch at The Battery, but there wasn't time. But it was such a fun day anyway!

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