Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, CC!

Look who's six!

Our spunky little CC turns six today and was up at the crack of dawn to celebrate. Her greatest wish was to have a turquoise, Frozen-decorated bike with a kickstand, a seat for her doll, and a matching helmet. (She is nothing if not specific.) We had it waiting for her when she came downstairs this morning. She was an extremely happy little girl!

Even better, today was a scheduled field trip to the science museum, where MJ chaperoned CC's class through the exhibits and an IMAX film. When the class returned to their school for lunch, I met them with ice cream cups and we had a little party. The day ended with dinner at CC's favorite restaurant, where they sang and made a big deal out of her birthday. What a day!

She's feisty and fierce, our CC. She's strong-willed and oozes confidence. These traits will serve her well, I know! She's becoming more and more affectionate with her siblings, giving them spontaneous hugs throughout the day and telling them how much she loves them. It's a great example to set -- now Sweet Pea and Little Man are following suit.

She's very short for her age (still wearing mostly size 4-5), but she seems to be proud of that. She's doing well in school and is "best friends with everyone" according to her teacher. She still loves ballet, art projects of any kind, and writing (stories, notes, homework, anything). Recently she's been more interested in math and has been voluntarily writing homework problems for herself (a la "if Mary has seven grapes and eats three, how many does she have left?").

I'm proud that she's a bright spot in the lives of everyone who knows her. I'm proud of her sassy style and her impish sense of humor. I'm proud that she's our daughter. But most of all, I'm proud of her loving heart and generous personality. Happy birthday, CC!

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