Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Foods

We went back to produce this past week; I found a few more things in season that Little Man and Sweet Pea hadn't tried yet.


They were okay with tomatoes, but they both struggled a bit with the skins.  The next day I offered them pieces of tomato with the skin cut off, and they seemed to do a bit better.  I am happy that they finally added tomatoes to their diet, because now that they've had bread (Cheerios) and cheese and tomatoes, they can have PIZZA!!

Next up was cantaloupe.  CC was very happy about having cantaloupe in the house, so I saved some pieces for her and she's been getting them for dessert.  (Added benefit: cantaloupe has been an effective bribe for getting CC to clean up her toys before meals!)

Little Man and Sweet Pea both liked cantaloupe.  I'm not surprised -- it's sweet and juicy and mild.  I cut it into little pieces the first time, and pureed some for them the next morning for breakfast, and both types were happily devoured.

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